About us

We are a team of professionals providing advice, training, business remodeling, machinery and equipment sale all within the artisanal ice cream sector.

With us you will have the service you require for:

• The design and adaptation of your business premises,
• The realization of your project,
• The acquisition and installation of the equipment and machinery
• The adequacy of your premises to the current ice cream market,
• The use of different fruits and a wide variety of ingredients.

La Michoacana Inc
La Michoacana Inc
La Michoacana Inc

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A bit of history …

The company was born as a necessity to attend and help entrepreneurs who wish to enter the artisanal ice cream sector. We have integrated a team of professionals, with the purpose of offering an excellent service to our clients.

Based on the tradition of making ice cream and popsicles in an artisanal way, we have preserved the traditional recipes of La Michoacana, in addition to incorporating new flavors according to market requirements.

Our experience is based on more than fifteen years in Mexico, in the market of the United States, Central and South America, so we can proudly affirm that our clients have made their business a way of life and have brought the consumption of artisanal ice cream to a larger number of the population in the places where they have settled.

La Michoacana Inc is an international company focused on the sale of machinery, consulting and training; it has carried out important tasks with his clients and has achieved a specialization in his team of workers in order to be the best in this field.

La Michoacana Internacional

We are coming close to you ...

La Michoacana in the United States

We are capable of reaching each and every city in the United States with a business model that can be easily adapted in the ice cream market.

The areas we have served: Alabama, Arizona, California, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota , Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee , Kansas, Wisconsin, and we can virtually reach any corner of the American Union.

In our company we have the experience to adapt our business model, popsicles and ice creams style La Michoacana, to the american market, both to your tastes and preferences and to the installation and necessary adaptation of the premises.

Experience and service support us.

La Michoacana Inc
La Michoacana Inc

La Michoacana Central and South America

Thanks to the great adaptation and quality that our products have to the different varieties of fruits and flavors of each region, our ice creams and popsicles have managed to cross borders not only in Mexico and the United States, but also in countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean

Countries like El Salvador, Panama, Bolivia, Colombia and Dominican Republic already enjoy our products adapted to their fruits and flavors; in most cases, with a very traditional Mexican concept.

Throughout Latin America it is common to find our product, known as Mexican Paletas, thanks to the great adaptation they have when being made with natural fruits from the region.

Rest of the world

Mexican style popsicles and Ice cream are starting to be know all around the world, prove to this, our company has been contacted by entrepreneurs from countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, Portugal and India to assess the possibilities of starting a business relying in our services.