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We give flavor to your life

The knowledge acquired during years of work in the manufacture of ice cream and artisan popsicles and, later, in the sale of equipment for ice cream parlors and ice cream parlors, has led us to consolidate our company.

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La Michoacana Inc

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One of our mean purposes is… offer the best quality

Our Services

Advice and training for the production of ice cream and artisan popsicles.

Adaptation of ice cream parlors to achieve a greater visual impact with advertisements and anti-sneeze structures.

Design corporate image (logo, stationery forms, etc.)

Design or layout and plans of your facility.

Logistical support for the export of machinery and equipment.

Technical assistance for the operation of artisanal and industrial machinery.

La Michoacana Inc

We give flavor to your life


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If you already have your own business, we'd like you to be part of our comunity.
La Michoacana Inc
Oct 5, 2020

La Michoacana Central and South America

Thanks to the great adaptation and quality that our products have to the different varieties of fruits and flavors of each region, our ice creams and popsicles have managed to cross borders not only in Mexico and the United States, but also in countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean

La Michoacana Inc
Oct 7, 2020

Rest of the world

Mexican style popsicles and Ice cream are starting to be know all around the world, prove to this, our company has been contacted by entrepreneurs from countries like Australia, Saudi Arabia, Portugal and India to assess the possibilities of starting a business relying in our services.